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The candid photos for Friday and Saturday have been added The New Family  
  The family of Edith and Clarence New  
  May 26 - 28, 2006  


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The New family album was copied onto CDs and was shown on a projection screen throughout most of the event.  It is available for purchase

A family tree was on the wall with a picture of (almost) every family member.  It is being put on CD and sold with the pictures from the reunion.

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The New Family, circa 1941

    Back Row:   Hilda, Len Allen, Gordon, John, Eva     
    Front Row:  Edna, Clarence, Jim, Edith, Jewel    
Reunion Overview        



The reunion was preceded by a golf tournament at the Legends Golf Course, north of Sherwood Park. Five teams of four players each participated in a Texas Scramble (or Best Ball) game.  The teams were "randomly" picked by Lloyd Benbow, the tournament organizer, and Jeannette Kolewaski, his able assistant, in an attempt to mix the players with people from other families.  There were prizes for everyone, including a draw for the grand prize, a new golf bag, won by Wendy Benbow.  Everyone enjoyed meeting new relatives and participating in the fun.  The game was followed by a social hour with burgers and a beverage in the clubhouse before the participants adjourned to the Whitecroft Community Hall for the start of the reunion.

The reunion started at 7:00 p.m. with registration and handing out of name tags.  The name tags were colour-coded to assist people in identifying the branch of the family that individuals were from.  A total of 96 people came and the nine branches were represented by from one person (Eva) to 26 people (Jim's family).  Most people were very good about wearing the tags all weekend.   

Following an informal social time people were organized into three teams for a scavenger hunt.  As the two largest branches in attendance, the blues (Hilda's family) and the tans (Jim's family) each had their own teams and the remaining families were combined into a single team.  The scavenger hunt was looking for information about the family history and tested how much people knew about other family members.  The multi-branch team definitely had the advantage on this one.  Once the teams had answered as many of the questions as they could, Rick New, our MC for the evening, walked us through all the questions giving the answers he had plus considerable discussion from the group about additional answers.    Click here for a copy of the Scavenger Hunt.

  Saturday began with a brunch at 10:00 a.m.  Or perhaps we should say cooking and eating brunch started at 10:00 a.m.  People were still arriving (and being fed) at 11:30.  The whole group was much more relaxed and social after the mixer from the night before.

At noon, Donna Englund, assisted by Madeleine Padley,  set up an assortment of games and activities both in the hall and outside, around the building.  The hall was a wonderful location for the event with a huge playground that kept drawing the kids and lots of space for the organized activities.  The weather cooperated as well - not too hot but not raining either.  Although lunch was not provided, there was a concession where people were able to buy hot dogs, hamburgers, assorted snacks and drinks so no one had to go hungry

Sheila and Jim had bought enough dianthus bedding plants (Edith New's favourite) for each person to have one.  Over the course of the afternoon, people planted them in peat pots to take home as a lasting memory of our time together.

At 3:00 the families started being gathered up for family photos, culminating in a mass picture of everyone there.  The games and activities were ongoing while the pictures were being taken.

Originally, the plan was to have dinner at 5:30 and an entertainment program starting at 7:00.  Unfortunately the Edmonton Oilers hadn't check with us and had scheduled the 5th game of the Western Conference Playoffs for 7:00.  After doing a superficial nose count of those who cared, the organizing committee did a quick program change and rescheduled the entertainment for 6:00 and dinner for 7:00.

Chris New led us all in a New Legacy program.  He provided bit of the history of Clarence and Edith New and set the context for the discussion to folloe.  People talked about their memories of Clarence and Edith New and the impact they had on the lives of the families today.  Some of the key memories of the children were of the family gathering to sing and play musical instruments together, while the grandchildren's memories were of going over to the New home after church on Sundays to spend the afternoons socializing and of the whole family being together for Sunday dinner.   The church going, the music and the family dinners are all things that are still important to many of the families today.

A wonderful dinner was enjoyed by all while the Oiler fans watched the game on a projection screen and the non-hockey people continued their socializing in the background.

  Brunch was served from 10:00 onward as people arrived for a final visit. 

At noon, we gathered for a moving memorial ceremony remembering all the members of the family who have died.  Of the original nine children who had survived to adulthood (one more had died of measles as a child), five are gone.  So are a number of the spouses, many in-laws and a few of the grandchildren.  A candle was lit for each one.  Some inspirational readings and a prayer were followed by the singing of Auld Lang Syne to bring the event to a close.

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